Jarosław Rewers,
a software developer ( ).

I’ve been working as a front-end developer since 2014. Throughout that time I’ve been involved in a range of projects from different industries.

I was helping SME’s in Poland to kickstart their e-commerce presence with web stores integrated with existing warehouse management software and logistics partners. Such a configuration allowed businesses to focus on these new channels and customers without the hassle of keeping separate stocks or manual shipping - the biggest impediments in the quick growth of the profitable online presence.

Bigger clients, like Ford or GlaxoSmithKline faced different challenges related to managing unified global marketing communication for multiple markets, regions, and languages. Thanks to Adobe Experience Manager a carmaker can instantaneously align offered trim & color configurations with hundreds of local dealers. I was happy to assist the pharmaceutical company with moving core AEM responsibilities to the new location. Provided technical support & new team members training proved critical for the uninterrupted continuation of the business operations at a global scale.

I was also asked to train entry-level frontend developers for a bootcamp. It was exciting to see their ideas coming to life, professional growth, and further careers.

A big chunk of my career was devoted to digital transformations in fintech. A personal data management app to use across all 500 Santander branches in Poland on daily basis helped the bank to modernize its tech stack and fulfill numerous legislative requirements regarding personal data protection, anti-money laundering, and the openness of the financial system. HSBC and Deutsche Bank hugely benefited from modern, browser-based apps facilitating back-office operations.

One of the most enjoyable projects I was a part of was a mobile app providing real-time feedback about drivers’ behavior. Thanks to direct connection to a car interface and data processing we could provide driving style insight aimed at reducing parts and fuel usage and safe driving. Apart from improving the driver skills, such an insight is interesting for insurance or car rental fees calculation!

I was working on Digital Showroom solutions employed by Calvin Klein and Tommy Hilfiger. Replacing hundreds of samples with modern, high-quality videowalls and touchtables significantly reduced samples cost and allowed unprecedented brand communication alignment. I enjoyed and learned a lot from the challenges of synchronizing different screens, setups, and even fully remote sales experience without compromising on quality.

My latest assignment is a UI library used across many products related to environment & health safety employed in pharmaceutical and oil & gas industries, including deployments on remote oil rigs.

I like science-fiction, cycling, weightlifting, learning languages, and hiking. I speak Polish, English, some German, and some Dutch. I hold an EU passport and I’m based in the Hague, the Netherlands.

Here are some juicy tech stack keywords:
CSS, CSS preprocessors (Sass, Less),
Angular, React,
JS, TypeScript, Node, RxJS, D3.js
REST, GraphQL,
SQL, MongoDB,
Unit testing, E2E, visual regression testing,
Python, tensorflow, scikit-learn, matplotlib

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